Design Concept  
The Close was designed to consist of a central terrace of four houses with a detached house forward of the main terrace on the left and on the right. Symmetry is used throughout the design and is deployed in the external planning of the group, in terrace plan and in the elevational treatment.
The Close - Plan
Influence of Ashby St. Ledgers    

The Close owes much to six cottages built for Lord Wimborne at Ashby St. Ledgers in 1908 also by Sir Edwin Lutyens. The general detailing, garden walling, splayed fireplaces and certain mannerisms based on Lutyens interest in the Golden Section are evidence of the connection.

  Ashby St Ledgers
    Cottages at Ashby St Ledgers

Other similarities in design include general symmetry, one and half storey construction, dormers and central covered passage.

  The Close SW Front
    The Close - South West Front
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