The Close was designed as a symmetrical house group consisting of a central terrace of four houses with a detached house forward of the main terrace on the left and on the right. Symmetry is used throughout the design and is deployed in the external planning of the group, in the terrace plan, in the elevational treatment and carried through to the interiors.


The strongest influences for the houses may be the six cottages designed by Edwin Luteyns built at Ashby St Ledgers in 1908 built for the Hon. Ivor Guest, later Lord Wimbourne. The cottages are similar in being one-and-half storey, having a linear terrace plan form with projecting wings at each end and an unbroken roof line.  
Other similarities in design include the symmetrical design, general detailing, garden walling, splayed fireplaces and certain mannerisms based on Lutyens interest in the Golden Section. The houses also share the feature of a central arched passageway and Georgian pattern casement windows. Other parallels with Lutyens vernacular work are the Lodges at Middleton Park in 1933 built for the Earl of Jersey and similarities with the Fairhaven Lodges at Runnymede.  
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