Staircase Decoration

The Interior staircase decoration at The Close was influenced by Edwin Lutyens painted wood chandeliers designed for the nursery at Viceroy's House.

Viceroy's House - Nursery Chandeliers




Robert Love's details for Planetary Devices


Staircase planets


Drawing for star decoration


Staircase landing Star in restored colours


Continuous Joinery

The interiors compliment the exterior with carefully coordinated detailing that uses a continuous sweeping profile moulding throughout the joinery which is common to skirtings, picture rails, door architrave, fireplace bolection moulding and doors. The mouldings use the classical radii known from the Vesica Piscis.

Example of architrave and radii used throughout

Profile sweeps from skirting to fireplaces   Then from architrave to picture rail and stair

Profile follows skirting, cupboard architrave


Then to picture rail and bolection moulding

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